Sun Bunnies (1991)

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Description: Duck Dumont "Sun Bunnies (1991)" This is a superb video with an all-star cast. The Sun Bunnies are a local all-glri volleyball! team (Alicyn Sterling and Candace Heart) andr) the action centers around their competition with an undeserving rival team. In the beginning, Candace Heart dreams of bedding two guys at once: T.T. Boy and Woody Long. Oral-oriented Angela Summers and busty Jamie Lee attempt to sexually bribe coach Peter North into setting up a match with the Sun Bunnies. Despite their valiant efforts, he declines (after getting laid) so they leave him tied up. Peter breaks his owa record for opening his mouth, closing his eyes, and rolling his head skyward repeatedly during sex! Enter two sex-starved and whining nerds (Lenny & Squiggy) fantastically and creatively, played by Ed Powers and Tom Byron. They are with the rival team (Angela & Jamie) and easily sweet-talk their way into naive Candace's brief bikini bottoms. Finally, Peter gets both of his girls — Alicyn Sterling and Candace Heart — in a fulfilling scene on a pool table. Everything about this video is impressive — the sex, acting, quality, and yes, even the plot! It has something for everyone and the girls, well, it just can't get much better! I was impressed, and I usually HATE being impressed (heh, heh)!